Monday, July 14, 2008

Hummingbird Moth

In the Comments under Friday's "Hummingbirds!" post, I made reference to an insect we get here called the Hummingbird Moth, which, at twilight and at a distance, can be confused with an actual hummingbird.

I was pruning some shrubs around the generator yesterday, and what did I chance to see land on the generator? Why this "Tomato Hornworm"! This big fat caterpillar, given the chance, will one day turn into a Hummingbird (or Hawk, to some people) Moth.

At this stage, they can be enormously destructive to tomato and similar plants. But since I'm not growing any tomatoes (or much of anything besides weeds and the lemongrass-that-got-away), I don't know what he's doing here!

So much for your useless tidbit of trivia for the start of the week! :-) Have a great Monday!

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