Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks - Thanks for Giving

Look into those eyes, will you?

JJ was a shelter kitty. MJ and I went to the southern branch of the county animal shelter to donate an extra piece of cat furniture. While he was filling out the donor paperwork, I went into the "kitten room" - a screen enclosure very thoughtfully located just inside the front door (hee!) - to play with the kittens. As I bent down to pet some of them, a small black striped ball of fur shot vertically into the air and landed on my shoulder, purring wildly. "Look, Honey! A volunteer!" It was, of course, all over after that.

I tell you this story because I'd like you to consider an alternative to some of the traditional places you might do your holiday shopping. Namely, The Animal Rescue Site. Or The Breast Cancer Site. Or The Rainforest Site. Or The Hunger Site. Or The Child Health Site. Or The Literacy Site. If you've ever clicked on any of the buttons on my sidebar, you know that you can click every day and - without any cost to you - by clicking you are helping your favorite cause, or all of them. But did you realize that you can shop, too? Serious.

There's such a variety of things to choose from, ranging from t-shirts to jewelry, house and garden, and on and on. Lots of really cute stuff for kids and teens and adults. And the prices are really reasonable! Look, I know there's a lot of competition for the few bucks any of us has left, but when you give a gift this holiday season, wouldn't it be nice to know that your purchase is not just going to make someone smile, it's not going to cost most of your right arm? And that it will benefit something you believe in?

Like feeding and finding a good home for JJ?


Rambling Woods said...

My two cats are rescues..thank you for giving us some shopping alternatives...

Rambling Woods

Daisy said...

That is a very good idea!

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