Monday, October 27, 2008

Spot-Breasted Orioles!

Well! It's certainly been a banner birdwatching weekend around the ol' imaginary Flamingo Pond! And I haven't even been able to sit out to watch for birds all weekend because of all the rain we've had.

The good news? The rain is bringing with it our first "cold" front of the season - high 70's during the day, 60's at night, clear skies and low humidity (go ahead and laugh, all you Northerners). The bad news? The fabulous weather is arriving just in time to go back to work! :-( This had better not be a trend. Last winter, the weather was glorious all during the work week and rained nearly every weekend. It sucked, actually.

Where was I? Oh, yeah -- during the avian lunch rush this afternoon, three Spot-breasted Orioles showed up to snack on the balloon vine that I let run amok on the side-yard fence!

This one appears to be the "baby" - he's just starting to get his black throat feathers in.

This one's the adult - or nearly so, anyway.

They finally came close enough for me to get a couple of shots! Yaaaayyy! Geez, I really have to clean these glass doors...

Don't forget to click on the images to get a way better look!


Rambling Woods said...

That's cold huh? I live near Buffalo NY...LOL...

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Oh my gosh!!
What a beautiful bird!!!

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