Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Blue - A Meme

What's going on? you ask. I know, it looks a little weird. So if you didn't get an e-mail from me, here's what's going on:

My friend Kris had - what I thought - was an inspired idea, and I promised I would spread the word. I hope you will, too.

Let’s all go BLUE for the next week, between now and Election Day, and particularly on Election Day - especially if you live in a heretofore RED or "battleground" state! Like Florida. Or Virginia. Or Ohio (my actual original home state - Go Buckeyes!) Very simple, and doesn’t cost you a dime – wear the color BLUE everyday at work and at play, to indicate our desire for CHANGE.

It’s subtle, requires no conversation (unless someone actually notices and says something like, "Hey! You’ve been wearing blue all week - forget to do your laundry?"), no banner-waving - just a quiet statement that you demand CHANGE. It's kind of a grassroots thing. Maybe folks will notice and will feel encouraged, empowered. Maybe I'm delusional.

Coincidentally, I’m wearing a blue shirt today, so I’m off to a flying start. Join me and spread the word by e-mail and blog. I’ll be blogging about it for the duration on Flamingo Musings and however possible on Flamingo Fotos, in fact, I'm turning my blogs BLUE for the next week, until Election Day.

Think of it as a meme. Come on - tag yourself. Let's turn the States BLUE! Join me?


Rambling Woods said...

I just had to reload my blog template due to a problem and lost all of my widgets or I would go blue. But I will go blue in some other way. Love the button...

Daisy said...

You know what I just realized? The Photo Hunters theme for Nov. 1 is BLUE! So I will be modeling lots of blue fashions on Saturday.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

ok,now I understand your Blueness! :)
I didn't know you're from Oh, I live there for 6 years before we moved here in Canada.

Beverly said...

You are soooooooo much more subtle than I...

Loved the button, too!

Cheers! (and cross your fingers!!!)

Beverly said...

I just heard McCain admit he doesn't really think Obama is a Socialist...but he continues to spew it!

I heard him say Obama is already planning for the White House...as if he's a cocky bastard...but BOTH parties have authorized people to get ready for 'the transition'.

I'm so sick of McCain's scare-tactics and scared to death people are too stupid not to fall for it.

Oh lordy...I do not want him as a president (nor HER!)

Claudia said...

AMEN to that! I'd love a copy of the
Be Afraid button. Can you email it to me? clphastings@gmail.com
I'm from photo hunt. Claudia

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