Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Scenery: Biscayne Bay

Today's Sunday Scenery is of Biscayne Bay:

This photo was taken just before Christmas from a hotel on the City of Miami side of Biscayne Bay. That bridge is the MacArthur Causeway, connecting the City of Miami and Miami Beach (at the famous South Beach end of the island). Just behind the causeway is the Port of Miami, where you can just make out some of the cruise ships waiting to go out on their fantasy journeys...

This shot was taken from the same spot, but looking over to the South Beach side of the Bay. Clicking on the photos will make some of these details easier to see. I took these with my iPhone (original flavor).

This time of year is what makes living here worthwhile. Looking out over Biscayne Bay, you can almost forget the traffic and noise lurking just behind you. :-)

Thanks for visiting, and have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Blue sea and boats... okay, you got me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sunday Scenery, RJ. I have always wished I could own a boat and spend time in a marina like that. Alas, looks like that's not to be.

My wife and I were in Miami a few years ago, and spent several days on South Beach. It really is an interesting area.

Linda said...

I've never been to Miami but it sure looks nice from these pictures! I'm afraid our winter here in Connecticut is looking nothing like these pictures unless you want to throw some snow and ice into the bay!

Have a great Sunday and thank you for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello RJ..I hope you aren't still 'suffering' in that terrible cold weather you had there. It feels like a heat wave here with temps in the 20's. I love this photo and I too am trying the new meme..Michelle..

Flo said...

What beautiful pictures. I guess neither you or I will get sympathy for complaining about the cold, huh?

I've posted mine over at Flo's Place

A Friendly Reader Only said...

Great pictures - Makes me feel warmer than what it is outside & wishing I could be truly enjoying those beautiful warm sunny days on the lake!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Love your scenery shots, a little slice of paradise! And I scrolled down to previous posts, love that bird too!
Thanks for visiting us :o)
Beagley slobbers xx

wendysito said...

I used to live on the Gulf coast...right on the beach. That's what started me loving boats and even here I will go down to the marina and walk among the boats.

And don't you just love the sky when the clouds are like that?

Thanks. I'm a bit warmer now.

I'll be back soon.

carol g said...

Ah yes... the Port of Miami. We started and ended a great cruise from there in '06. Beautiful photos from Florida. Every now and then I mention to hubby how many more cruises he could take if we lived in Florida.

ChickenGal said...

Biscayne Bay, and the Richenbacher Bridge...There is a great restaurant just over the Bridge on the left. I can't remember the name, but they have great food. And a not about that bridge....I hate the TOLL!!!!

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