Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JJ's New Toy

MJ got JJ a new toy for Christmas - a Flingamastring. It's a battery-operated um, string-flinger. You attach it to a doorknob, turn it on (fast or slow), and it basically teases your cat for you by dangling a string in her (his) face and yanking it back!

"Ooo. Pretty colored string..."

"Maybe if I sneak up on it...."

"Hey! Where's it going?"

"Gotcha! Hey! No! You can't have it back!"

Even when she catches it - and she's pretty strong - she can't pull it completely off of the toy, so when she loosens her "grip", it'll just suck it right back up again and start the game all over again! Great entertainment for humans, too... :-)

One word though - it eats AA batteries like crazy, so if you get one of these, do the environment a favor and get the rechargeable kind!

No, this is not a sponsored or paid-in-any-way post. I just thought I'd share with you how nuts my husband is... :-)


Daisy said...

Oh, I got that toy for my Mancat friend, Skeezix, for his birthday! So I am glad to see it is a good toy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that one. My cats like to stalk and won't just chase something.. darn cats...

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