Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Season = Mosquitoes

The TV weatherman just announced that the "Rainy Season" has begun. Well, after so many months of drought, rain will be welcome. We can finally look forward to the grass greening up and letting Mother Nature water the garden for us, now and then. They say that we here in South Florida get around 70% of our annual rainfall during these next five months.

But with all the good stuff we can expect from the rainy season, there's also the downside: mosquitoes. We have some of the worst mosquito problems down here as anywhere in the country. And we can't expect our little friends here to do all the work.

Bufo Toads

With everything there is to do outside in our backyards during the summer - the grilling, the gardening, the birdwatching - who wants to douse themselves in chemicals like DEET?

That's why we're considering getting a Mosquito Magnet. With its Octenol attractant cartridge, the Mosquito Magnet attracts the mosquitoes and literally sucks them up into an inescapable net in a sealed chamber, where they dehydrate and die. You just periodically empty the net and see the results for yourself. All without the use of chemicals that could be harmful to us or the wildlife we love to feed and photograph.

Check out a mosquito magnet review and see if you don't think that it might be your family's solution for a happy and healthy summer - virtually mosquito-free.



Anonymous said...

I will check this out..I can't wear deet, so I usually dress in long sleeves which is really nice when it is hot and humid.....Michelle

Jenny King said...

That was so lovely of you to sponsor me!!! Made my day! Thank you.

Nice toads by the way :P

The Social Frog said...

You have not tried it yet? Or have you?

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