Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Peacocks of East Ridge



I don't know how Peacocks were introduced into the several suburban neighborhoods where they've taken up residence, down here. The "why" is fairly obvious. Peacocks are very regal-looking birds, with their magnificent plumage and stately air, as they stroll, what were at the time, the lawns and estates of the wealthy folk who owned the town way back when.

The rich and famous of way back when are long gone, and the properties, for the most part, broken up into residential neighborhoods of every strata. But the Peacocks remain. You either love them or hate them. During mating season, especially, they are loud and the males become aggressive toward anything that moves. They're also not terribly particular about where they perform their, um, bathroom duties (no bird is, but their produce is much larger, messier, and liable to be on your car or the walkway to your door).

These photos were taken in an old part of South Dade, at a retirement community called East Ridge, and these are just two of a much larger flock that roams the grounds with impunity. It's not yet mating season, so all is peaceful at the moment...

Of course, you should click on the images to see them in their glory.


Daisy said...

Peacocks sure are pretty! And their tail feathers make a good toy (if you buy them, not steal them from the bird).

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, but not sure I would want them yelling on my roof. People should leave nature where it naturally is and not meddle..

Beverly said...

OMG ... I remember one evening in my youth (selling encyclopedias door to door) hearing a peacock scream and thinking some poor woman was being murdered! scared the bejezuz outta me!

Thanks for the memories! LOL

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